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Real people paintings



Commission rates AND Do/Don'ts


These prices are only for personal use. For commercial use, check the additional fees section.These are in colour and include simple background which is one color or color gradation with minor elements such as fog or snow.


  • Shoulders up (it doesn't include hands)

  • Aprox. over 2-3 weeks

  • Character: 100 EUR


  • From the chest/waist up

  • Aprox. over 2-4 weeks

  • Character: 130 EUR

Half body

  • From hips/thigh and up

  • Aprox. over 3-5 weeks

  • Character: 175 EUR

Full body

  • From knees/toes and up

  • Aprox. over 1-2 month

  • Character: 200 EUR


  • Aprox. over 1-2 weeks

  • 50 EUR

Additional fees and discounts

- Alternative version: Same painting with another piece of clothing or similar (for example with a helmet, mask...). The price will depend on the variation, complication of the element and how many those are.

- Background or scenery: Snow and flat/blurry shapes behind smoke/fog or similar (starting at 28 EUR), complex (starting at 60 EUR). Chibis (17 EUR)

- Complex elements: pets, clustered clothing, full wings, very complicated armour or
jewellery, very dynamic/battle poses…: Starting at 50 EUR(depends on how complex is the element and how many are). Chibis that start at 17 EUR

- Real people portrait/family paintings from photographs: 15% off the base price
Example: headshot (100 EUR) * 0.85 (15% off) = 85 EUR

- Greyscale / greyscale + 1 colour: colour price - 15 EUR
Example: headshot (100 EUR) - 15 = 85 EUR
- Additional characters (same type commission): 10% off the base price for each.
Examples: 2 characters coloured half body = 175 (character 1) + 157.5 (character 2 is 175*0.9) = 332.5 EUR

- Private commission: It will have additional charges, and it needs to be indicated before starting a commission.
- Rush fee: If the deadline is tight, there will be an additional charge.
- Book Cover: Illustration with license to use as book cover for audiobooks, paperback, hardback, eBook and advertisement purposes.
The price will depend on content and format (cover, cover + back or wraparound), starting at 350 EUR for cover with a headshot.
Can’t be sold, nor use as NFT/AI. This DOES NOT INCLUDE copyright transfer. Neither includes license to sell as merchandise nor typography.

- License of existent image to use as book cover: It gives you a license for an image that I already painted, to use as a book cover image for audiobooks, paperback, hardback, eBook and advertisement purposes.
Price is 250 EUR.
DOES NOT INCLUDE copyright transfer, can’t be sold, nor use as NFT/AI.
- Other commercial use: Price negotiated. It gives you a license with the rights to use the product without watermark or initials for profit (Example: music covers, games,
shirts, prints…).
Can't be use as NFT/AI. This DOES NOT INCLUDE copyright transfer.
- Copyright transfer: Includes commercial use. Price negotiated. No NFT/AI.

Do's and Don'ts

What I can do

  • Real people

  • Fan art

  • Animals

  • Fantasy, horror, historical, and mythology related

  • OC (original characters)

  • Tasteful sensual characters

  • A bit of blood

  • Small scars or wounds

What I won't do

  • NSFW, hentai, sexual scenes, nudes

  • Excessive gore or violent scene

  • Anything related to real political groups, activists, or social groups (flags, slogans, symbolism, phrases…), I focus exclusively on fiction and portraits.

  • Machinery

  • Furries and Non-humanoid races

  • Paintings to be sold as NFT

  • Anything offensive/implying hate to a person or group

  • Anything that makes me uncomfortable

You can ask if you are not sure :)Please, don’t get offended if I won’t do something or refuse a commission, it might just not be the type of art I do, or it might be that I lack the knowledge, skill, or experience to do it at the moment.

Commissions are currently closed

When commissions are closed, you can opt for getting notified when I open them. Then, once you are notified if you still want to do the commission, you can fill up the form at the end of the page.

These are commissions for personal use only.For commercial commissions, please send an e-mail to [email protected].

Request Form

Fill this form if you want to request a commission.
Please, make sure to read the Terms of service first, since you are accepting them when commissioning me

For any questions, e-mail: [email protected]


- By ordering a commission, the client agrees and accepts these terms of use and conditions.
- My art style is shown in the examples, I won’t copy other artist’s style. So, please make sure I am the right artist for you.- I reserve the right to decline a commission for any reason.- I reserve the right to remove a client from the waiting list if they behave inappropriately towards me or in the comment section of my submissions.- If the commission is for commercial purposes or is private, it must be notified upfront when requesting the commission. Commercial use requires a contract.Use of the image
- The artwork is my work, and you cannot claim it as your own, you must give credit. Even if you pay for commercial use or copyright rights.
- Commission work is for non-profit personal use ONLY. You are not allowed to reproduce, re-sell or sell the artwork in any way or form unless you pay for commercial use.- I keep all the rights of all my artworks, sketches and concepts unless you pay for copyright rights.- You are not allowed to add your own watermark to the artwork unless you pay for commercial use.- You must use my watermark to post on social media, unless you pay for commercial use.- You are not allowed to alter any of my work or give it to another artist to be used or altered (not the final piece nor the sketches or updates).- I am allowed to publish the artwork on my portfolio and social media anytime, unless it is a private commission (it has to be stated before starting the commission and paid the fee for it).- I am allowed to record the process and post it on my social media unless paid the private fee before starting the commission.- You CAN NOT turn the artwork into an NFT.- You CAN NOT use the artwork to train AI/Machine Learning models.- You have the right to print out the finished commission for personal use (no commercial).- You have the right to use the finished commission as your banner and/or profile picture on social media for personal use (no commercial).Payment/Refunds/Cancellations
- Full payment in advance or half payment (paying 50% before starting research/rough sketch and 50% before delivery of the final painting).
- Method: PayPal - currency euros (I will absorb the cost of the transaction, but the customer will absorb the currency conversion cost if they are from outside the EU).- I reserve the right to cancel a commission half process due to the relationship with the client not working (for example: behaving inappropriately towards me, being disrespectful or overly rude), poor communication or a breach of these Terms of Service. I will not refund the money if that is the case.- There won't be cancellations or refunds once the commission has started.- Only exception for a refund will be if I am unable to work on a commission due to personal problems (for example health issues) or other issues not related to the client. In this case, I will cancel and refund the commission.- If the client doesn't answer a feedback e-mail after five days, I will cancel the commission and there won't be a refund. Previous to cancelling, during that time, I will try to contact a second time by e-mail in case the previous one got lost. If something unexpected happened, we can talk about it.- The invoice with an e-mail will be sent a week (or more) before starting a commission (I will indicate the starting date). If the invoice is not paid before the starting date, I will cancel the invoice and the commission.Work process and revisions
- Late replies to feedback e-mails will add more time to the delivery estimated date.
- I will send at least one rough sketch for the pose (and background if it has) and at least one for the outfit (and weapons if it has).- You have 2 revisions in the sketching stages of the process for specific parts:o First revision (rough sketch): Based on the information you send; I will show you a rough sketch for your approval. In this revision, you can request to changes to the posture, outfit and background (if it has complex background) based on the sketch shown.o Second revision (clean sketch): I will clean up the sketch, and you have a revision for a change on the expression of the character and details on the outfit (the bases from the previous step won't change).- After this, the illustration base is considered "locked" and I will start rendering. No further free revisions are allowed. After this point, if you ask for more revisions (changes/add-ups) those will be either refused (I reserve the right to decline it), or charged for according to complexity.- Changes requested outside their specific revision will be either refuse (I reserve the right to decline them) or charge accordingly.- Any additional work outside the initial brief and quote will either be declined (I reserve the right to decline them) or charged accordingly.- Any changes requested after the illustration is done will be considered a new work request, which I reserve the right to either declined or charged accordingly.- If I consider that something is not working after the revisions, and requires a change, I will explain the problem and possible solution with you so you can approve it before continuing.Updates
- Update e-mails: During the process, I will contact you through e-mail to update you and get
your feedback, so please make sure to check your e-mail often in order for me to continue.
- Half payment: update images will be watermarked and low resolution. Once the painting is finished and full payment delivered, I will send the files indicated in the next section.- Full payment: update images will not be watermarked, and they will be a good resolution but not full, so I can still send them by e-mail. They will have a WIP mark and username. Once the painting is finished, I will send the files indicated in the next section.What will you receive
- A digital painting based on your brief (request form) in my style, delivered in the following format/files.
- No watermark PNG with initials: Full resolution file without a watermark for your personal
use only. It will have small and discrete initials in a corner or a signature (like traditional paintings). High resolution (300ppi).
- 2 Watermark PNGs:
o Full resolution for resizing: It is the full resolution with my watermark, so you can
resize to your needs to post online.
o Web ready: Reduced size and resolution file with my watermark ready to post on the
internet (discord, websites, social media...).
- I DO NOT send physical copies.

For any questions, e-mail: [email protected]


I'm Laura, a digital artist from Spain. I love to paint mostly fantasy, though I also love mythology and spooky-horror themes 😊I always liked painting, but I grew up believing it was only meant to be a hobby, so I got two degrees in computer science and psychology and work as a programmer.But it didn't fulfil me, so later on I got an iPad Pro to learn digital art as a hobby and sketch in my free time. Little by little, I got more interested in art, and I saw myself investing more time in learning the basics and different techniques, until I decided to study it seriously by myself and try to make it a career.In my free time I like to read, play videogames and watch shows.


- What can I do with my personal commission?
You can use it as avatar, banner, background, print it for your house, make a shirt for you and your friends (as a gift), give the commission as a gift to a friend... things that don't involve getting profit of the painting are ok. And if you are not sure, you can always ask! :)
- ** If I want to use the image for an avatar or banner, do I have to keep the watermark on it?**
No, you can crop it out and credit me under it (for example in your profile) :)
- How often do you make updates?
Depends on the stage of the painting, I might do more than 1 a week during the concept stage because I need your feedback to continue. After the concept is locked, since the decisions have been taken, I usually do 1 update every 1 - 2 weeks, depending on how big the piece is and how much I advance that week.
-** How much time do you take to deliver the rough sketch?**
I take some days, depends on the painting, but the rough sketch is the base of the painting, so I research the theme of the painting and try different ideas until I chose the one I think it is more successful.
- I am selling my character, can I sell the artwork you did of my character with it?
No, while you own the character, and it is yours to sell, the artwork rights are mine (as per terms of service). You paid for the service of me painting your character, but unless you paid for the copyright rights, the artwork is my intellectual property. Therefore, you can't sell the artwork alongside your character.
- What do you use to paint?
I use mainly Photoshop and a Wacom Cintiq Pro 16. I also have an Ipad Pro 12.9 with Procreate to do painting exercises, sketches and draw on trips. Also, I like to do sketching exercises, fast drawings and ideas on a regular sketchbook, using HB, 2B and 4B pencils.
- ** What brushes do you use?**
I use a mix of brushes from different artists packs, like Kyle Weber (comes with photoshop subscription), Istebrak, Ross Draws... I like brushes, so I like to try different ones from time to time.
-** Do you have tutorials?**
Not yet, but I might do in the future :)
-** Why is there so much information in this website?**
I am a person who doesn't like to make questions when I have to buy something or search for a service, I feel I am bothering them, or I am asking silly questions, so I prefer to search the information by myself on the website first. Therefore, I put here as much information I can in the most clear way possible in case visitors don't want or like to ask questions.


**Communication will be done over e-mail at the moment. **The commission process is divided in 3 stages: Communication, Planning and Rendering.You have 2 revisions for the sketch stages.Communication
- Requesting commission: After reading/accepting the terms of service, you will fill up the form for your commission. I will review it and decide if it is something I can do or not. I will answer by e-mail.
- Talking phase: If I accept the commission, we will talk about other details, and then I will give you a quote and an approximated date when I will be starting the commission. If you are fine with it, then I will send you an invoice via PayPal (if the date is close) or I will put you in the waiting list (If the date is far away). Once is paid, I will start.- Notification list: If the commissions are closed, you can request to be put on the notification list (without commitment), so when I have slots you get notified. If you are still interested, you can follow the previous steps and send me the form. This list can take a short time or a long time, and it doesn't guarantee that I will take the commission (I need to review the request form first).Planning
- Research and sketch: I start researching about the painting theme, gathering references and information (for example, culture, ideas for possible positions, body types ...). With that, I sketch the rough idea for the pose, outfit, and background and I will send it to you for your approval (first revision). I will make corrections if necessary, and we will go to the next stage.
- Cleaner sketch: I will clean up the sketch, and you will have a second revision for the expression and details of the outfit. I will make corrections again if necessary, and we will go to the next stage. The concept is "locked" after this.Rendering
- Color and light: I try different color palettes and lighting roughly and choose the one that I think better suits the painting theme from my artist point of view. This is a guide for me to start painting.
- Painting: I block in the main colors, define objects, light, and shade areas. I go building the illustration bit by bit slowly, defining and adjusting.- Refinement: I refine further the painting, defining better features and details like jewellery, eyes, clothes...NOTE: My sketches/concepts are never completely accurate/perfect, and I keep adjusting and fixing things as necessary while I go painting.

Example of commission process:

For Commercial Commissions please send an e-mail to [email protected]

Personal Commissions are currently closed

When commissions are closed, you can opt for getting notified when I open them. Then, if you still want to do the commission, you can fill up the following form :)

Please, make sure to read the Terms of service first, since you are accepting them when commissioning me

Request Form

If you want to request a commission, please, copy/paste the following form on your e-mail and fill it up.- E-mail contact to: [email protected]
- Commission Type: Headshot / bust / half body / full body / chibi
- Background: Simple or scenery (additional charge). If scenery, also describe please.
- Character/Idea description: (Fill this up for each character, please).
For real people paintings just explain your idea/attach pictures.

- Character’s name:
- Personality:
- Race:
- Setting (Example: WoW, D&D…):
- Gender:
- Age:
- Quote and/or short story (optional):

- Body type and height:
- Face (shape):
- Eyes (shape, colour and make-up):
- Skin (colour, scars, tattoos and beauty marks):
- Hair (colour, length and hairstyle):

- Clothes/armour (condition of the gear):
- Jewellery:
- Weapons:

- Pose, action, and expression:
- Anything else regarding the painting that you want to add:

IMPORTANT: If something is not well specified (for example: she’s in a threatening pose, or he has a tattoo) I would assume you want me to choose what I see fit for the piece.

- References: Add any visual references as photographs to help me understand your ideas, poses, props, doodles, .... anything that you see fit.
- Deadline if there’s any: We can discuss it but if the deadline is tight, there will be an additional charge.
- Your social media: Optional, but I would like to write/tag the commissioner if I post it in my portfolio.
- Anything else you want to add: (for example, if it is a private commission, if it is a gift and can't be posted before certain date, questions...)

Print and merchandise shops


Metal posters, sturdy, magnet mounted that is easy to hang, matte or shinny finish.
You can customize, collect, and rearrange them at will.


This is a gallery-quality giclée art print on 100% cotton rag archival paper, printed with archival inks. Each art print is listed by sheet size.


Prints, poster and other merchandise such as shirts, pillows, puzzles, stickers, phone cases, etc.